Situational Styling: 1 Dress – 3 Ways

Summer is about quirky, stylized and floral prints. Cold shoulder, off-shoulder, and one off-shoulder are again trending this summer. If you have been reading my blogs, you would know that I emphasize so much on layering.  I believe that layering can make any outfit versatile if done right.

In this post, I have focused on Situational Styling. So many times it happens that we have many events to attend in a day and we end up wearing the same outfit everywhere. Situational Styling is getting dressed according to the event/occasion you have to go to and sending out the appropriate message through clothes.

Here I have chosen a floral cold shoulder dress and have styled it in 3 different ways for 3 different occasions. This is an example of how you can utilize a printed dress in maximum ways. So next time when you have various events in a day, you can take an inspiration from this post.

Look – 1 (Casual)




Look – 2 (Work)

Layering for a printed garment could be a difficult task. The color of the layer should be from the print of the garment beneath the layer. Hence, I chose the dominant color of the dress (green) for layering. This look is perfect for any formal occasion. The vest gives this outfit a formal look.




Look – 3 (Dressy Evening)

The print of the dress is not an evening print, but that doesn’t mean this can’t be worn in the evening. To give this dress an evening look, I teamed it up with buttoned down navy blue skirt. The golden embellishments of the skirt make this outfit an evening outfit.




Did u ever think that such printed dress can be worn differently?

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Photography by: Frame Page  Varun Amre

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5 Ways of Styling a Duster


Layering is a way of dressing with several pieces worn on top of each other. Layering can be done with shrugs, vests, dusters, jackets, scarfs, dungarees, etc. In this post, I have created 5 different looks for different occasions with the help of the duster. Duster is a long and loose coat without buttons. It is made out of lightweight fabric. 

As cold shoulders are trending this season, I decided to style this multicolor cold shoulder duster. While layering a cold shoulder garment, make sure the garment beneath does not have a sleeve.

1. Chic Look

As the word says it all, this look is elegant. Continue reading

Winter Essential – Cardigan

Winter is all about layering.  One thing I like the most about layering is there are no certain rules to be followed. Cardigans can be teamed with pyjamas, shorts, skirts, trousers, denims, etc. Winter cardigans definitely make you look effortlessly chic.

Outfit -1



Here, I have styled the basic Grey cardigan with the neutral Continue reading

Wedding Lookbook – 1

The wedding season is going on in full swing, and an Indian wedding is the quintessential form of celebration. Weddings have never failed to excite me, and everything about wedding is a source of ecstasy for me – be it the couple’s gorgeous outfits, intricate mehendi, pretty décor, or the sumptuous buffet, just to name a few. Every day someone is getting married. Recently one of my best friends got married in a 2-day ceremony.

For this wedding, I decided to give it a shot by designing my outfits myself, and in 3 functions out of 4, I wore my self-designed outfits. Some key points to keep in mind while designing the outfits are your

  • Personal style
  • Body shape
  • Personal color

If you try to recreate what someone has worn, you are taking a risk as it might not suit you.

Mehendi Function


For mehendi, a function which is always held during the day, I wanted something simple and of not so bright Continue reading