Mixing Prints

Being an Image Consultant (one who helps others become successful through Clothing, Grooming, Etiquette and Body Language) I often get messages from friends asking for what to wear or how to style a particular garment/ what color to wear / from where to shop etc. Recently I received a message from a friend asking for a similar kind of help. She sent me a photo of a floral top which she planned to wear with a denim and it is too mainstream. I asked her for the pictures of bottom garments she owns and out of 8-9 pictures she sent me I found one skirt with an abstract angular print. I asked her to wear the skirt with the floral top. She was very hesitant and also said that “people will laugh” without even trying. Finally I instilled some courage in her and she wore it. Next day I receive a call from her saying that how could I decide just by seeing the pictures that the skirt will look good. I just had one thing to say – I am an Image Consultant and I have learned the art and science of clothing.

I was very happy that people liked her outfit but what struck me here was that one sentence “People will laugh at me.” I realized that we have so many resources (Clothes) but we just don’t know how to utilize the resources correctly. So I decided to do this post which is about making an outfit out of 2 prints.

Mixing prints is often misunderstood as a tricky trend. There are a few tips and tricks through which one can pair the prints easily. There is no rocket science behind it.

Outfit -1


Here I have combined a Batik print kurti with a Block print skirt. Here’s how I combined this:

  • Widely Spaced print (top) with All Over print (skirt)
  • Medium size print (top) with Small size print (skirt)
  • Both the prints have a common color: Blue




Outfit -2 


Mixing prints can also be applied for top+scarf/ top+jacket/ scarf+jacket. The prints used here are stripes and animal print. Here’s how I combined these prints:

  • Both the prints are classic.
  • Angular print with animal print
  • Strong color contrast

Small scale prints and closely spaced prints together give a mature look.






Outfit – 3


Prints add interest in plain garments. Prints communicate visual message or mood. For formal scenarios Geometric prints are to be worn. Tips I kept in mind while combining these prints:

  • Small size print (top) with Medium size print (skirt)
  • Bright color (top) with Dull/Muted color (skirt
  • Scattered print (top) with All Over print (skirt)





Tips: Colors play an important role while combining prints. You might have already noticed that all my top garments are of blue colors and the other printed garments -skirts/scarf are of neutral colors. So, remember to share one or more color in common or choose bright vs neutral colors.

  • Out of all the prints you wear, one print needs to be dominant (which grabs the attention).
  • Don’t wear colorful prints or same sized prints together. 
  • Before buying printed garment, make sure the print is not too small or too big in proportion with your body. 

I hope these tips would help you to combine the prints and if you are stuck while mixing them please feel free to write to me.

Pictures captured by Rutvi’s Photography. (IG: Rutvi’s Photography)

Enjoy the festivities!


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