5 Ways of Styling a Duster


Layering is a way of dressing with several pieces worn on top of each other. Layering can be done with shrugs, vests, dusters, jackets, scarfs, dungarees, etc. In this post, I have created 5 different looks for different occasions with the help of the duster. Duster is a long and loose coat without buttons. It is made out of lightweight fabric. 

As cold shoulders are trending this season, I decided to style this multicolor cold shoulder duster. While layering a cold shoulder garment, make sure the garment beneath does not have a sleeve.

1. Chic Look

As the word says it all, this look is elegant. Peach color top, gray denim, maroon stilettos and to add some colors I used teal color accessories.




2. Vacation Look

This fun look is my favorite, I guess. Pink top, off white shorts, a pair of sunnies and a hat – a complete happy-go-lucky look.




3. Office Look

Who says that work wear is always boring? One can always make it interesting by adding such fun elements. This cold shoulder duster is absolutely appropriate for the work look.




4. Sporty Look

I am sure you wouldn’t have imagined this duster for a sporty look. As the duster is colorful, I teamed it with neutral colors. I decided to style the look with pastel green moccasins.



5. Street Style Look

Camisole, ripped denim, peep toe heels and some silver accessories to create the street style look. I tied the knot at the hem to give the raw look.




Did u even imagine that such printed dusters can be so versatile?

Let me know which look is your favorite by commenting below and don’t forget to subscribe.

Photography by: Frame Page  Varun Amre

With Love,


4 thoughts on “5 Ways of Styling a Duster

  1. Sporty look and street style !! Loved them. Your blog is a big saviour . I have many clothes, a small addition changes entire look and style. Will keep waiting for your updates 🙂


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